My name is Cosmin and I'm doing front end development. I'm currently focused on crafting highly scalable, usain-bolt-fast web applications with React and NodeJS. More about me.

I have 10+ years experience in web development, currently being dedicated 100% to front end development. My skillset include HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS and their toys: Sass, Less, React, Redux, Mobx, Angular, Ionic, Meteor, jQuery, Underscore, Express, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, Cheerio. I like to test my work and I usually throw in Karma with Jasmine, Selenium, Protractor and WebdriverIO. When it comes to techniques, I'm used to develop mobile first, enhancing progressively and (why not?) degrading gracefully.

Regarding UI/UX, I have comprehensive knowledge of designing user interfaces that follow rules and patterns specific for each case or scenario. Also, a good sense and understanding for sketching user interfaces that help the user to find relevant information or take certain actions, which, in the end, converts.



Together with a Scrum team of developers, I worked on the shop application of T-Mobile. My tasks were to develop new components in Angular and to maintain the legacy code.

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At HotelSpecials I worked in the same team with developers from De Voorhoede and designers from UNITiD (now Hike One) to develop a new B2C web application. Besides developing Javascript components, I also worked on creating responsive layouts with a mobile first approach. A part of my job was to assemble an end-to-end automated testing platform.

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Staples approached me to design and develop new landing pages and email templates for their campaigns. I worked with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and I developed email templates paying attention to the variety of email clients and browser incompatibilities.

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Let's have a coffee and discuss about your next project. You can reach me at +31 (0) 619-046-519 or by email at cosmin.epureanu@gmail.com